Dreamy, atmospheric ~ vivid images and soaring harmonies

ALNILAM’s music is alternative and post-rock influenced.


Press release for Indigo Sky

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Band Origins


SERHAT ARSLAN (composer, multi-instrumentalist) lives in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Samsun, Turkey, in 2008 Serhat left Istanbul, where he was studying civil engineering, and moved to Washington DC. He then studied music and film-making before making his way to California.

A driven composer since he was 18, Serhat has published many instrumental albums on Bandcamp.


ELENA PINTO (singer, songwriter, artist) lives in Santa Monica, CA. Originally from  Costa Rica, she grew up listening to her brother’s record collection. Her background includes an Associate’s Degree from The Colorado Institute of Art and a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York. She worked as an artist and muralist in NYC, and at The Danbury Mint in Connecticut.

Elena started writing songs in 2011 after moving to California. She began collaborating with Serhat a few weeks later, writing lyrics for some of his instrumental pieces.


Alnilam's first live performance March 2nd, 2013, at The Talking Stick Cafe, Venice, CA.
Alnilam’s first live performance March 2nd, 2013, at The Talking Stick Cafe, Venice, CA.
Starlings Album Cover

ALNILAM released their homemade demo album, Starlings, March 24, 2013 on Bandcamp. A week later, it’s title track, Alnilam, was included in an Independent Music News compilation, We Support 2013, released on Bandcamp April 1, 2013. Starlings was mentioned on the webpage Pop is on fire! Dans le casque de PIOF: 6 groupes à découvrir, April 22, 2013: http://www.popisonfire.fr/?p=12350&preview=true

“It’s a great record. It has an ethereal, confessional quality to it… late nite intimate. The great thing is you can’t pigeonhole it. It’s kinda folk-inspired ~ introspective and alternative, Joni Mitchell with a 21st century upgrade… Their music rocks and their lyrics are honest, intimate and open, yet somehow kept like a secret.” Tom Kern



ALNILAM turned to Manuel  Jimenez (sound engineer, producer) at ARIMAKA for broadcast quality recording, mixing and mastering. The exciting result was their self-titled EP : ALNILAM – orchestral studio versions of 4 tracks from Starlings and a new song, Wish. All 5 songs were released as singles between June 21 and Sept 22, 2014 on Bandcamp. A few weeks later, Alnilam and Wish appeared on Soundcloud’s trending music list (indie rock genre).

The EP featured Serhat Arslan (guitars), Elena Pinto (lyrics, vocals), Jorge Balbi Castellano (drums), Ian Walker (bass), Sandro Morales Santoro (piano, string and piano arrangements), Kathleen Sloan (first violin), Eric Boulanger (second violin), Andrew Duckles (viola), Evgeny Tonkha (violincello) and Manuel Jimenez (minor percussion).


In May, 2014 the duo welcomed Jordan Sommerlad (guitar) and Quinn Dean (bass). Trevor Martin (drums) joined March, 2015, and Mark Humphrey replaced Jordan in August, 2015. The band performed in the LA area until January 2016, when Serhat Arslan left ALNILAM to pursue other interests.




ALNILAM‘s album, INDIGO SKY was released November 13, 2015.

INDIGO SKY features Elena Pinto (Lyrics, Vocals), Serhat Arslan (Guitars) Jorge Balbi Castellano (Drums, Percussion), Ian Walker (Bass), Kathleen Sloan (First Violin), Eric Boulanger (Second Violin), Andrew Duckles (Viola), Evgeny Tonkha (Violincello), Jordan Sommerlad (Back Vocals), Manuel Jimenez (Minor Percussion), and Sandro Morales Santoro (Piano, String and Piano Arrangements).

The 10-track album includes the 5 releases from the ALNILAM EP plus 5 new songs: Lilac, Rise, Virgil’s Request, Smaller Dreams, and When it Comes to You. It was recorded, produced, and mixed by Manuel Jimenez at ARIMAKA, in Los Feliz, CA and mastered by Eric Boulanger at THE BAKERY, in Los Angeles, CA.

More information and press about INDIGO SKY


Elena Pinto recently acted and sang in the plays The Daughters of Indra, 50 Shades of Perfection, and Democrazy at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

She is currently working on a new EP, a collaboration with Daniel Wright, lead singer for the Ojai band Radio Skies, and painting art to go with it.

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