Some of my murals, paintings, and prints…


I have painted many rooms in my life… some of them with murals.

This coral reef covers the walls and ceiling of a client’s guest bathroom in Costa Rica. It was a small room, so it gave the eerie sensation of being underwater. I also painted the living room, dining room, and patio. I wish I had more photos of this house!

coral reef mural – detail

I usually work with artist oils because they take longer to dry, and I love how transparent they can be. Sometimes I wipe off parts of the paintings to show the wall/gesso, textures beneath.

Many years ago, I painted this stylized, electric green, underwater mural for Oribe, the famous hairstylist. It wrapped 360 degrees around his round cutting room, at his New York, 5th Avenue hair salon. He asked me to make the water chartreuse, and I had a lot of fun creating a nearly translucent version of what he had in mind.

underwater 360* mural

That was such a bright room… especially when the sun came in through the windows. It had a mirrored ceiling which added to the overall effect. You can’t tell from these photos, but I prepped those walls satin-smooth with a little help from my friends Maja Siemińska, Ruy Sánchez, and Nathalie Czartoryski. Oribe sold the salon years later, so this mural probably no longer exists.

This mural was painted on canvas and later attached to the wall.

The tropical mural above is in the lobby of The Pan American building on 6th Avenue, New York, but it was painted in Scarsdale, NY. I drew the walls, ceiling, and fence trompe l’oeil (to fool the eye). This was a collaboration with Barbara Rudolph.

Sometimes clients had walls with built-in wood frames, and I painted inside them.

The rainforest mural above was in a surgeon’s office. I was assisted by my friend Gabriel Borel.

The mountain mural below was a “window” in front of a client’s kitchen sink. The dot above the Escazu Mountains is her husband on his paraglider. Both murals are in Costa Rica.

mountain mural – detail

The still life below had a trompe l’oeil fake frame.

floral designs

I also painted many floral designs, stencils, textures, and materials, like faux marble and stone.

This New York fireplace is definitely not marble, but I was told it once belonged to the Astor family. Anyway, it was beautiful and fun to paint.

From the days when I was a full-time painter/muralist. I will scan more photos soon.

Oil Paintings

Painting used for Indigo Sky album cover. Graphics by Scott Seibel. 

Below: Two small paintings made for a TIAA-CREF brochure.

brochure cover
inside brochure

Three fairly large paintings:

The Wolf & the Owl, Las Gradas, and Untitled
painted wooden bowl

Work in progress: Relief painting on wood


Illustrations for fictional children’s book:

Three small watercolors inspired on the book Green Mansions:

Garden snake, spider, and a sketch for a mural:

Older watercolors:

Coming soon… prints!