Elena Pinto grew up in Costa Rica, influenced by nature in its wildest, most exuberant, form. As a child she fell in love with her brother’s record collection, and knew someday she would write her own lyrics. She performed frequently early on, in plays, choirs, variety shows, and ballet recitals, but her path to song writing would be a winding road through other art forms and several cities. After high school, she studied art for 7 years, then painted murals in New York, and worked at a collectibles company in Connecticut. In 2011 Elena moved to California, where she finally wrote her first songs.

Elena searched online for a talented musician to collaborate with and found Serhat Arslan, also new to LA. She began writing lyrics and melodies on top of his guitar compositions. Their first album, Indigo Sky, released in 2015, had 10 original songs ranging from inspirational to melancholic. Serhat left ALNILAM amicably in 2016. Around that time, fans from different parts of the world started writing Elena, asking for more music. Encouraged by this, she decided to embrace change.

Her new EP Under the Sun is a collaboration with Daniel Wright, lead singer for the band Radio Skies. They were introduced by a common friend, Indigo Sky‘s sound engineer/producer Manu Jimenez. Elena drove from Santa Monica to El Camino Sound Studio, in Ojai, CA, for about a year, to work with Dan on some of her songs. Their five favorites from those sessions narrate the next chapter in the ALNILAM story.

Under the Sun will feature Elena Pinto on vocals and Daniel Wright on guitars and back vocals. It is being recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Manu Jimenez at Arimaka Studios, and will feature many of the same skilled musicians from Indigo Sky, like Jorge Balbi Castellano on drums, and Ian Walker on bass. Composer Sandro Morales Santoro‘s arrangements will again be performed by a live string quartet. It will also feature a special guest… Grammy Award nominated producer Marcus Kincy on keyboards.

Under the Sun will be released as singles later this year.

* * *

“LA-based dream-pop band Alnilam takes its name from the middle star in Orion’s Belt and it shines brightly on its latest single “Lilac”. Their debut album, Indigo Sky, is set for release on November 13th. Lead single “Lilic” is a quiet treasure that softly radiates with Elena’s delicate, longing vocals and glows with a sweeping, symphonic folk-pop style.”

Jen Dan, DOA (Oct 24, 2015)

“Sonically, inside their sound lies an inscrutable feeling, one at times eerie, searching, yearning and nostalgic of past and future memories.”

Lynette Williams, This Is Not The Radio (Oct 12, 2015)

* * *