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Press quotes:

Alnilam Wish (Official Video) – ZONE NIGHTS

Discovery of the day: Alnilam – Virgil’s Request – FIND A SONG

Review Fix Exclusive: Alnilam’s Elena Pinto talks ‘Indigo Sky’ and More – REVIEW FIX

Alnilam A Song for the Wind (Official Video) – ZONE NIGHTS

Alnilam “A Song for the Wind” from Debut Album – STATIC

Alnilam New Video “A Song for the Wind” – SKOPEMAG.COM

Alnilam Release New Video for “A Song for the Wind” – VENTS MAGAZINE

Alnilam a fondo (Interview) – ZONENIGHTS

New Year New Tunes 2016 – THE DELETE BIN

Zapping: Los 10 mejores videoclips ticos del 2015 – LA NACION.COM

Grupo de tica en California estrena disco  – LA NACION

The Short Stack – December 2015Indigo Sky 1 of 4 albums picked for Femmusic’s December list. – FEMMUSIC

Premiere: Alnilam – When it Comes to You – PURE VOLUME

CD Review: Indigo Sky by Alnilam – INDIE MINDED 

Alnilam’s Debut Work – THIS IS NOT THE RADIO

Alnilam – Indigo Sky (Self-Released) – BEARDED MAGAZINE

Stereo Embers’ Track of the Day – Alnilam’s “Lilac” – STEREO EMBERS

Album of the Week: Alnilam’s “Indigo Sky” – HIPLANTA

Up from the Underground: Alnilam’s “Indigo Sky” – ABYSMAL HYMNS…/up-from-underground-alni…

Music Review: Alnilam – ‘Indigo Sky’ – BLOGCRITICS 

Music Review: Alnilam – ‘Indigo Sky’ – SHOEGAZE AND DREAMPOP NEWS DAILY!tag-dreampop

Alnilam – Indigo Sky – INDIEMUNITY

Alnilam – Indigo Sky (New Album) – ZONE NIGHTS

New Single from Alnilam – DOA

(Video Premiere) Alnilam – Lilac – SUNSET IN THE REARVIEW

Alnilam New Video – SKOPE ENTERTAINMENT News For October 5, 2015

New Video: Alnilam – Lilac – OCCUR                       

Week in Pop – IMPOSE                                           

Alnilam Review  ZONE NIGHTS

Music and Art at Hsi Lai – HOMETOWN PASADENA



Alnilam and A Song for the Wind aired on The End of the Week Show, April 2, 2017, SHEPPEY FM. Archive: End Of The Week Show 2nd Apr 2017

Alnilam was included in the The End of the Week Show Christmas Special,  December 25, 2016, SHEPPEY FM. Archive: End Of The Week Show 25th Dec 2016

Alnilam and Lilac aired on The End of the Week Show, December 4, 2016, SHEPPEY FM. Archive: End Of The Week Show 4th Dec 2016

Lilac, Alnilam, Rise, New Year, and When it Comes to You aired during a 45 minute interview on Audiotopia, August 1st, 2016, RADIO NACIONAL

Rise was played on Niki Tyler’s Unsigned Pop Show, May 26, 2016, EGH RADIO

Lilac was played on Niki Tyler’s Unsigned Pop Show, May 19, 2016, EGH RADIO

Lilac was played on Niki Tyler’s Unsigned Pop Show, April 7, 2016, EGH RADIO

Lilac was played on Niki Tyler’s Unsigned Pop Show, March 3, 2016, EGH RADIO

Wish was played on Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo, January 16, 2016, RADIO CRYSTAL BLUE

Alnilam was included in Women of Substance episode 255 featuring: Maria Lawson, Alnilam, The Wild Reeds, Gina Marie, K’annibal Woman, Barry International, and Vivian Lee – November 11, 2015, WOS RADIO

Lilac was included in Women of Substance episode 252 featuring: Sara Kerr, Alnilam, Laura Walker, Zarni, One World(R)evolution, Juliana, LynZWells – November 6, 2015, WOS RADIO

Alnilam and Lilac were played as part of an hour-long interview on Singing for Your Soul episode 5, November 4, 2015 BODY MIND SPIRIT RADIO

Wish on Muzic Mon Amour N°14  August 22, 2015, RKC RADIO KAOS CARIBOU

Wish on the Casual Vibes Show – April 1, 2015 WTBU 89.3 FM Boston University



Lilac was included in My BDay Playlist 2016 – January 24, 2016, THROUGH MY HEADPHONES

Rise was included in a curated Playlist November 29, 2015, ROCK.CURRENT

When It Comes To You on Nickel in the Jukebox (Vol 6) – October 22, 2015, THE MAD MACKAREL

Lilac on Humans Vs. Robots, October 8, 2015, HVSR   

New Year on Humans Vs. Robots, July 2, 2015, HVSR 

A Song for the Wind was featured on The Writer’s Playlist, MODERN SCOT

Wish on the Tumblr blog Musical Discretion:

A Song for the Wind on La Croche Lune:

Alnilam on indie rock playlist PD Playlists Four, August 1, 2014:



Lilac on ZoneNight’s video playlist Alternative Selection 2016:

Wish on ZoneNight’s video playlist Chart For You #Pop:

A Song for the Wind, Alnilam, Green Mansions, New Year, and Wish on the Youtube channel MiXer:

A Song for the Wind on the Youtube channel ThePianoBro1:

A Song for the Wind and Alnilam on the Youtube channel EtzThatGirl:

Lilac and Rise on the Youtube channel Sounds New Sounds Good:

A Song for the Wind was posted on the Youtube channel Chill:



Alnilam was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award in the Alternative Genre:


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