From the album Indigo Sky by Alnilam
Released November 13, 2015
Recorded, Produced, and Mixed at Arimaka Studios, Los Feliz, CA
Mastered at The Bakery, Los Angeles, CA
Filmed and Directed by Serhat Arslan and Jordan Sommerlad
Edited by Samuel Markus, Elena Pinto, and Serhat Arslan


When voices no longer stay quiet
And eyes can no longer stay closed
When love becomes the answer
And hope embraces us all

Wishes sail across the ocean
Under this wide open sky
Currents of freedom in motion
Rushing in from every side

Pick it up and think it over
Lift it up and move it over
Dare to build a new tomorrow

Wishes sail across the ocean
Under this indigo sky
Rivers of people in motion
Rising to stand by your side

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