July 2018

Hi there, it’s been way too long since I last posted on this website. I plan to change that but for more frequent updates please check out my social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A lot has happened… big changes, new projects, different sources of inspiration… Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, and what’s in store for ALNILAM in the near future:




Painting for new album cover about halfway done

Looking forward to recording again!

Indigo Sky was a collaboration with Turkish composer Serhat Arslan. The new album will be a collaboration with Daniel Wright, lead singer for the band Radio Skies. We’ve been working on demos at a studio in Ojai, CA, and hope to start recording this Fall with sound engineer/producer Manuel Jimenez and other amazing musicians. More details coming soon.


Learning to fly in Ojai, CA




Our song Alnilam now has over 20.9K plays on this page! Many thanks awesome Soundcloud listeners for all the love and support.



  SAILING LA VAGABONDE  12046938_1003269166391591_4728603309262017825_n

Two of our songs have been featured recently in 4 episodes of a cool YouTube series about an Australian couple who sail around the world. Elayna and Riley started sailing three years ago, with no previous experience, on an old sailboat called Sailing La Vagabonde. Elayna documented their adventures for friends and family, and her homemade videos started attracting followers. These days they sail on a brand new catamaran and have over 416K subscribers on YouTube.

Lilac was used in episodes #135 and #150 and Alnilam in episodes #148 and #151. Sailing La Vagabonde also added both songs to their Spotify and Soundcloud playlists, and wrote a great review of ALNILAM on their music blog. Thanks SLV!



ALNILAM is now verified on Spotify.

To add Indigo Sky to your Spotify library please click on this link:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/alnilam/wjH

Many thanks to everyone who added our songs to 80 Spotify playlists.                            Here are 5 of my favorites:



Indra - One Added Show - Because You Asked


The last few months I’ve been acting in two plays at the Santa Monica Playhouse:

In The Daughters of Indra, I played “Elena” and sang an original song called Fearless, known in the play as Elena’s Song, with music by composer Nathan Boler. I uploaded a couple of short clips on ALNILAM’s YouTube channel of the moments when I sang it to my brother, a game show host who sometimes wears a Guy Fawkes mask.


In 50 Shades of Perfection, I played “Elena,” this time a Malibu socialite at her best friend’s surprise birthday party, a fun but challenging role for me in part because near the end my character had to get tough. This play was mostly pretty funny though, and all three shows were full or sold out.

Due to it’s popularity, it will be included in the Binge Free Festival, A free theater festival held every year in October, at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Fullscreen capture 432018 110350 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 432018 105844 PM.bmp







unspecified   PAINTING

As some of you already know, I studied art. This comes in handy all the time, I painted the cover for Indigo Sky and did the collagraph print on the back cover.

By the way my friend Scott Seibel did all the graphic design. He also added the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt and the dandelion flowers.


Soon I’ll start painting indoor murals for a previous client who just bought a house in Miami. This means I’ll be traveling back and forth for awhile, but it’s a beautiful project, and it could help me fund the new album. Making art to pay for making music… sounds good to me.



viper room


Looks like I’ll be busy for some time, but I will definitely want to sing the new songs after they are done.

Please subscribe to this page or our mailing list if you would like to receive updates about the new album.

That’s it for now… Thanks for reading.

                                                   Shine on…





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