Studio Time in Ojai

Here are photos from last weekend at El Camino Sound studio. We worked on the song demos and wrapped up, at least for now, the Ojai portion of this project.

The Studio

Here Dan was recording back vocals and I was trying to take a few discreet pictures.

The Tree

I took more photos of the fantastic tree that grows right on the street in front of the studio. (El Camino Road) Here are some of the best ones. The hand-written sign on one side says “Slow Down, Squirrels at Play!”

Goodbye beautiful Ojai… your small town charm and scenic views have been refreshing for my heart and mind. I’ve really enjoyed having an excuse to take trips here for about a year, and the chance to get to know this special place a little better. Next stop L.A…

The Road

Here are a couple of 30 second video clips I took on the long drive home. The first one was near Ventura, where the road gets very close to the sea. Always great to see my old friend the Pacific Ocean.

The second clip shows a bit of the spring blooms going wild in California right now. Those neon yellow patches on the hills are made up of millions of tiny wildflowers. The colors were even more striking than this. You can also see, when I pan to the right, how these early rains have turned everything green. 🙂

That’s it for now… Stay tuned. -Elena

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