Under The Sun

July’s song, Under The Sun, is the title track from ALNILAM’s new EP, Under The Sun, a collaboration with Daniel Wright.

It is being released as the fourth single today, July 22.

You can listen to Under The Sun on Spotify.

Or you can watch this video by Serhat Arslan:

Early this morning   
A mockingbird sang from a tree   
I went back to sleep   
And had the most wonderful dream  

Of you and me 
Magical and free   
A different world  
All that we could be   

Under the sky of love 
Under the sea of love  

Under the sun   
Castles in the sky   
And though we're young    
Barely getting by   
I still believe  
We'll get there if we try  
And we will live in bliss  
For ever after  

Under the sky of love   
Under the sea of love  
Under the sun of love  
Under the moon of love

This song has an interesting story. Strangely enough, I originally wrote it on top of electronic music I found through a Craigslist ad. It was during a time when I was experimenting writing with a variety of composers. My sketch wasn’t chosen, but I was happy to have a new song as a result of trying something different.

Years later, Daniel Wright gave Under The Sun beautiful new music, and recorded it so I could sing it in a play at the Santa Monica Playhouse. It was for a funny trial scene called The State Vs Hope, and I was playing Hope. That was a lot of fun.

Later on it got the full studio treatment and changed even more. It is still the same song… same few lyrics, same melody, but completely different from where it started. So great to finally share it. Hope you like it!

This wonderful dress (including its fabric) was handmade by my friend Ondi McMaster (Atelier Om)

* * *

Under the Sun  features Elena Pinto on vocals, Daniel Wright on guitars and back vocals, Jorge Balbi Castellano on drums, Ian Walker on bass, Marcus Kincy on keyboards, and composer Sandro Morales Santoro‘s string arrangements performed by a 20-piece live orchestra. It was recorded and mixed by Manu Jimenez, and mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery Mastering in Los Angeles.

All tracks are being released as singles on Spotify and Soundcloud, between April and August 2022. The full EP will be released everywhere August 19.


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