Studio Time in LA

Finally back at Arimaka Studio in Los Feliz, CA, and yes, indeed, we are happy. It’s great being here again and seeing everything we’ve done so far start adding up. I love the recording process, love working with friends, and I can’t wait to share new music with everyone. It took a long time for all the right elements and circumstances to come together, but here we are.

Last week we recorded the acoustic guitar parts for 5 new songs. I took a few photos while sound engineer/producer Manu Jimenez and Daniel Wright lay the foundations for the new EP.

Daniel Wright is a talented musician, songwriter, and lead singer for the band Radio Skies. We’ve been collaborating since last year at El Camino Sound Studio in Ojai, CA. It has been a wonderful, and always interesting, experience. I’m lucky to again be making music with amazing musicians.

The second day a new friend joined us for a little while. Manu’s tiny rescue dog has a big name, Ulysses. He was right at home in the studio and on my lap. I caught a blurry photo of the moment he turned around to give me a kiss. Sweet Ulysses, he listened quietly and gave me a few kisses.

Driving back from LA the first day wearing my Indigo Sky shirt.

I like the mood of this little clip. Electric guitars are next…

Will share more photos and videos soon. -Elena

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